Friday, December 19, 2008

new comings

ok so i belive i have my head on straight when it comes to guys at the moment.  yes i still like the other guy alot, but nice guy is really growing on me.  so much in fact that i want to spend my time with him. so i have to be carefull and not move to quickly when it comes to him.  i dont want to mess things up like i have before with other guys.  i belive im doing ok so far.  he really is sweet, and nice and understanding and cute.  i can talk to him, it might not be about serious things, but hey atleast i can communicate when i need to.  im very comfortable telling him things, they might not be things that i should be telling him, but hey atleast im talking.  he talks to me too, which is always a perk.  :)  it is strange that we are so much a like but so different.  i belive i made the comment last night that we were like a cheerleader and the emo kid.  except hes really not emo, hes more dark and sadistical, which why hes so very adoring.  there is a side to him that is kinda scarey and creepy, he LOVES zombies, they kinda give me nightmares, but hes really gentle and most poeple dont see that part of him at all.  he really wouldnt hurt anyone unless they really REALLY deserved it.  anyways, im rambling...
i guess thats all.  oh yeah, he is a FANTASTIC kisser, which says alot since im really the first girl hes ever kissed/made-out with.

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